Monday, April 14, 2008

Shimano Custom Shoes, M-300 and R-300

I wish I could explain in words how unbelievable these shoes are. I can't tell you the last time I have bought a pair of shoes, any shoes, and not had to break them in before they felt comfortable. I bought a new pair of shoes this season after trying to different pairs last season with no luck, and my bad luck streak with high end shoes kept going. The Shimano rep gave me a pair of M-300 mountain shoes to try (after I had bought my road shoes) and I was amazed at the results! They fit like a glove after I had them molded to my feet. NO BREAK IN WHATSOEVER!

I was optimistic about this new pair of road shoes I was trying because they looked so damn good! After riding with the shoes loose for a couple weeks and messing with cleat placement on what seemed like every ride, I knew that buying a pair of the Shimano R-300's was inevitable.

I had them custom fitted at the shop by my apprentice Shimano custom fitter who did a great job... After make a couple cleat adjustments on the rollers yesterday I tightened the shoes up and forgot about them. They are so amazing it is too hard for me to describe. My only complaint is that they aren't white and orange...

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