Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"It's a great day for hockey"

Before there was bike racing, there was hockey. From third grade to college it was hockey schools, select teams, Hockey Night in Boston, captains practices and street hockey in the basement... My brother and I lived hockey and were fortunate to have a mom and dad who would drive us to all ends of New England, buy us the latest and greatest equipment and send us to hockey school after hockey school to give us the best shot at being competitive. Though we were both totally different styles of players, we both had great success and went on to captain our high school teams.

One night in 1990 my brother and I were at The International Hockey Academy Skating school at the Boston University rink. The Montreal Canadiens were in town for the playoffs and Boston had just beat them the night before. As far as rivalries go, the Bruins-Canadiens rivalry is EPIC! They were having their afternoon skate when my brother, father and I showed up so we watched them skate and headed down to the bench as they were coming off the ice. My brother and I were young and asking the players for autographs and sticks and stuff as my dad looked down from the stands. When Bobby Smith came through my brother, who was about 4 feet tall compared to a 6'4" Smith, tugged on his sleeve and asked him for his stick... Smith just kinda brushed his hand off and kept going. My dad, who is about 5'8 jokingly said "Hey Bobby, why don't you give the kid your stick, it didn't help you last night." Smith stopped and I swear to god I thought he was going to climb in the stands and attack my dad. Luckily for Bobby, he didn't :) I come from a long line of ninjas.

Tune in tonight to see if Colorado can turn it around at home. Being down 0-2 against Detroit doesn't look to good for the Av's, however, Crosby is looking sharp. There Logan, I said it in public.


Robert T. Metz said...

crosby is a punk...who can score but Ovechkin is where its at a shame the caps didnt make it.

Robert T. Metz said...

just a thought how abouts instead of racing cyclocross we all join a hockey league in the cycling off season?

Davey B said...

cyclocross is more fun than hockey!!! you've gotta try it!

it's bike skating!

Logan VB said...

Crosby, is the shit. Ovechkin is the NEXT big thing. But, by the time Crosby is over the hill (2o years) so will Alex. Ovechkin has had an unbelieveable season for sure. Good players win awards, great players win championships.

Crosby 2 points in their win tonight.