Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy bike practice today

Hopefully my new A4 1.8 Turbo Quattro Avant is here in time to floss to the Burnin! Goodbye to that box on wheels Element!

Ahh what a great day on the mountain bike. Definitely the first breakthrough workout I have had in quite some time. The second night of Phish from Red Rocks this summer is supercalifragilistic and had me singing through the trees.

Rode from Lost Valley bottoms to Klondike up Hogsback and then into Strip Mine, Dojo and Donkey Kong and then back down Hogsback. From there I skeedattled down to Matson and rode a lap in each direction when the goods starting bumping through the headphones and the legs started to kick up the climbs. A couple bottles from the car at LV and then two counter clockwise laps at the Valley where pushing it hard up the three climbs each lap was easy. I had to force myself to stop abiding by my "leave some in the tank" rule when I know the legs are good but I'm not racing. About 50 miles in 3:30 mintues, thought it was going to be a 4 hr ride...

I realized today that my eye of the tiger is a little bit scary; more like spotting a mountain lion at the last minute before it goes for you jugular then the furry black kitties I love so much. I also realized that when I'm feeling really good on the bike, like today, I don't even realize that I'm in pain, rather I think about wanting to hurt other people. Probably you if your reading this? Don't worry, I'm not planning on punching you in the face on the line, but I want to do everything in my power to make you wish you hadn't raced that day. I doubt DeeeWayne has these thoughts.

Thanks for listening!!! I wish I had more raw meat and eggs in the fridge right now!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Evidence for Chris and heavy legs

Here are some fish pics from Colorado. All taken from the Lake Fork of the Gunnison except for the Cutthroat which I caught on the East River. Can't say I caught any big fish but as the week went on I started to really up my fish per hour and by my last day on the lower Taylor was waxing them pretty good.

Last year I pretty much took September off the bike and reverted back into some base training in October and raced the Burnin 6 hr on fumes from August. Except for a handful of mountain bike rides I didn't ride much this August but have ramped it up considerably since getting back from Colorado. The legs are starting to feel it and this weekend is going to be a shocker! I did put some fat tires on my cx bike and went out to practice a couple remounts yesterday which ended up with me cracking my seat rails and a little gravel rash. I think I'll go ride for 3 hrs today and then hit up the cx practice at Queeny. The legs are going to be working overtime as they are not responding too well to mega miles and running. Ohh well, what doesn't kill you...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beers and Cowbells

Wow. It's that time again. I basically spent most of August celebrating one thing or another. We drank about 6 bottles of Champagne, to celebrate our engagement, me turning tres-tres and just because it tastes so good. Life is good. I didn't spend all that much time on my bicycle but did managed to ride some sweet trail out in Crested Butte. I also managed to trick quite a few wild trout on the ol' Winston IM6 which was nice. Case quickly learned why my folks both were joking with her about how much I like to fish when we would find a nice spot on the river and she wouldn't see me for 5 hours. I went most of the days without eating a thing while I was on the river as I was so focused.

The last couple weeks I've been focusing on getting in some high volume riding and my kickass S-Works Tricross still has a 53 and 23's on it, if that tells you anything. I ran around the block last night and today I got in a pretty serious LT interval workout, so I got that going for me. Hopefully I can get another 300 or so mile week in and then I'll start doing some skills practice.

Anyhoo. I'll leave on a Todd Wells-like note.

Where's Matt Keeven?