Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bubba CX # 5 at Suson Park

Part One:

Total suckfest. My foot slipped off the pedal at the start and I found myself pulling a Josh Johnson from the back row. That shit sucks when you don't have power like AmerenUE. Somehow I worked my way up to the front group and lucky enough to witness RP working up the crowd. It was all downhill for awhile and I was finding myself slipping backwards for the first 3/4 of the race. Things weren't good. I imagine I was probably as far back as 15th or so at some point. For some reason I kept going, even though the stress and lack of sleep from last week had me in the gutter and all I wanted to do was quit.

Part Two:

I was tired of being ridiculed on the line for having a cage and bottle so I went without one for this race and all I was thinking about was a nice cool sip of water. I actually rode up next to Chris Ploch and begged him for a sip and he was nice enough to give me one which didn't help for long. Good thing I hadn't asked a roadie, thanks Chris. With about 4 laps to go I found myself passing a few people and closing down some gaps. This song started going through my head and I was finding a little bit of a groove. I just started listening to these guys and can't say I know any of the words but the tune was ringing in my head.

Part Three:

I couldn't take the uncomfortable feeling of my mouth being totally dry anymore. With 3 to go I came by The Team Seagal Crew who was bringing the party as usual and grabbed a beer. The beer and the response was a straight frickin' nitrous boost and I decided it was time to start racing. Josh, Nate and Flying RP were the front group, Nageltronic 5000 was dangling behind them in solo land and the race within the race was a group containing Richard Richard, Fletcher, Jay, CP and another guy I didn't know. I closed in on Richard and rode with him for a half a lap and then moved on up, aided by another beer. I came up on Mike Weiss and asked him how many laps were left and he replied "two to go, go catch those guys!" I laughed and told him there was no way.

On the last lap they were about 30 seconds up on me. At this point it was Jay, Chris and Fletcher. I started to ride on the rivet and took some chances. It was coming on from somewhere, I think it was from PBR land. Going into the back straight of the course they were about 1/2 way through the field when I entered it. I sprinted.

I caught them about 40 meters before the drop in to the technical section, and fueled by adrenaline and crunk as fuck off two swigs of PBR's I thought I should just keep going and pulled a sketchy move by diving in front of them, pretty much through the trees. I guess I was going ok because I totally expected them to start attacking the shit out of me once we hit the exit straight leading up to the run-up. But no one did. Jay got in front of me right before the run up (THE MOVE) and Fletcher started rubbing bumpers as we were going over it. I jumped onto the pavement and started to kick up onto Jays wheel. I was coming around his rear wheel when we hit the top which was just a little too close to make it and hit the brakes... A 6th place finish that felt like a hard earned second place.

Team Seagal, thanks again for the support. It turned my week around.


Robert T. Metz said...

I know what that beer hand off can do man i got one on the last lap at Lost Valley and passed two peeps. Nice Job on keeping your head down and pushing it to the end. I couldn't wait for the season to end I can imagine another whole race series.

ScottyD said...

Dave since you haven't updated & I understand why. Keep your chin up great to see you this wknd. Remember no matter what cross rocks.