Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wish I could Run Like an Antelope.

Well, that went well for a short while and then really bad for a short while and then kinda enjoyable for a short while. Racing for me is always fun/enjoyable but since I was out of contention I just kinda rode around, got a nice beer hand up, missed another beer hand up and got a good workout.

I had a better than expected start and the legs were cooperating a little more than I thought they would after week of rest, long car rides and beer drinking. I tried to wake up my stiff legs by riding hard for 3 hrs on Friday and then doing a hard interval workout on Saturday. At work on Sat they felt like cement blocks and really tight so I rode some more after work to loosen them up which kinda helped but I was worried I over did it.

I had a good start and was mixing it up at the front for the first half of the race. Schottler had a good lead and I caught and passed Grranimal who was having a malfunction, but seemed to be riding really well/smooth otherwise. I didn't have much snap but things were getting better as I raced more. I watched Josh working his way up at a rapid rate which was pretty incredible.

I was sitting in second when I hit the first mud section and heard my wheel bottom out when I realized it was flat. I ran. It hurt. I went from 2cd to 20th pretty quick and wasn't real happy about it but kept pushing on.

I worked my way back up a bit and caught some people. I think I was riding around just outside of the top ten with about 4 to go when I decided that chasing my teammates down wasn't that much fun but 16 oz PBR's were, so I sat up and went into damage control. I definitely didn't have the legs to work my way back into a money/points spot given the week I had and how much the running wrecked my legs.

Miraculously Josh managed to crush Schottlers dreams with an amazing effort that ended his 45 minute lead at the most dream crushing time; on the last lap, and went on for another W.

I'm not so partial to the super fancy tires I have and think I'll switch back to some Griffos or Fangos for the remainder of the season. It's not about the flat I had but the way they handle. They don't seem to have much bite and really float, ironic given the fact that I love that in a MTB tire but you don't have to carve 180's all day on a MTB. Other than that I'm really pleased at how competitive I have been with relatively little work. I'm really optimistic that after this week of balls kitty training and then another decent week after that I should be as good as I' going to get for the little big show. Time will tell.


Dan said...

First, I almost snorted beer out the nostrils when I read your title. Genius.

About the gear, you're probably right. I like the nice shit as well, I just told myself this past year that I'd get a really nice mountain bike, then keep it reasonable with the cross bike(s)...

I've still never ridden carbon wheels or tubulars. I'm sure they're nicer. I was only trying to say that when people are lining up for their first cross race ever or in the C race at bubba with carbon wheels/tubulars etc, to quote the dude: 'something is fucked here man'. I just want to see more people, more cowbells, more fun, etc and wanted to say something about still being competitive on a bike that doesn't cost a fortune!

we should ride some this winter.

TeamSeagal said...

Not much snap? Dude, those first couple of laps watching you leap out of corners was almost distracting to me as a spectator. Seriously, You were in command at the front. Next week will be FUCKING CRAZY. Better put your good tires on.

-Casey F. Ryback

Marc said...

I gotta say I really like how my challenge griffos ride, especially for the price.