Monday, April 27, 2009

Heavy Legs

Went out and rode the S-Works rocket ship at Castlewood Sunday morning. So nice to be out there and see so many folks and be on the MTB for the first time since the Rim Wrecker. Casey and Maybs came along and did some hiking and playing in the creek while I was riding. Kinda bums me out when people don't yield the right of way though (to the person climbing). I passed a couple groups going both up and down and was forced to have to stop for them. Other then that it was a great morning.

I'm about a month behind my training compared to where I was last year at this time but not really sweating it. I've been getting in some solid training but a little too much boozing and some major added stress at work has left me spending more time than I would like to trying to recover. If I can get some rest this week I think I'll be running at about 80% for the Wood race. Even though I don't have any major goals as I am finishing up a big block of LT training and hill training I think I should be able to start to add some sick ass intensity soon and am looking at some races in June and July to be going full tilt boogie; maybe the DINO AMBC race as I am familiar with the course and should be nice and dialed by then.

Saw Ray Lamontagne last week who was really good. I guess just about anything is good with a quart of vodka in you, but really, he's got some talent. We're going to Flight of the Conchords with the James Gang this week, have the grand opening of the Big Red S concept store this weekend, the race on Sunday, the Killers show next Monday and I'm going to my first Cards game next Wed. It will be a miracle if I can maintain some sobriety though the race, but if I do it will be great to let loose next week. Deadly Nedly isn't coming to the grand opening, which is a real bummer for me as I thought having him show up to Castlewood on Sunday would be the epitome of radical.

I made some pizza dough this morning, so I got that going for me. Two days in the fridge and it should be tasty!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's going on?

Training has been at a little bit of a standstill a little more than usual. Seems like the rain and tired legs have been making it easy to get a good rest in before I start doing some serious training. I managed to squeeze in a really good ride in Jeff Co last week that reminded be of the old days of 12 hour training. It was nice to ride a few hills too. Other then that I've been getting a hour in the park here or there and doing lots of walking with the Maybel dog.

Casey and I booked our vacation in the end of August in Crested Butte. I found these cabins up on a secluded creek outside of town and we both are really stoked. We booked it for 7 nights and are pretty stoked to do some riding, fly fishing, quite a bit of day drinking and kickin' it in the woods. We're going over my birthday and hopefully my boys Eddie and Nick come down from Breckenridge and Boulder to party it up.

My buddy and teammate, Jerry Fondren, yanked two of my wisdom teeth out of my face yesterday. I have severe anxiety related to any type of medical procedures and I was freaking out. He is a master though and today I'm feeling less pain than before he took them out... of course, the Vicodin might be helping. Having an excuse to eat chocolate milkshakes all day is pretty nice too. I tried the reduced fat/ soy milk ones last night but think I'm going to head back for the real McCoy for tonight.

That's pretty much it. If I had the sweet photos of us washing the dog in the tub or dressing her in my PBR hoodie I'd post them to spice things up a little, but I don't so deal with the boredom.