Wednesday, April 23, 2008

5,000 Calorie Day

Spent my day off grocery shopping in the morning and then doing a 65 mile loop up into around SIUE. I usually ride hills on Wed but the legs were still kind of feeling the effort on Sunday so I opted for the flat spin. Not too bad a ride, can't say I was used to the heat, feeling the sting in my eyes or the salt on my face... Ran into the King Furbs and rode from IL back to the Lou with him. I have to say it was nice to have someone to talk to for a change and time passed fast. He was trying to "even out" his nasty sunburn from Hermann with a 5 hour ride.

When I got home I began to eat... Hammer Recoverite, chocolate Endurox mixed with chocolate soy milk, baked potato, 12 oz NY Strip Steak, 2 PBR's, 1 Heineken, a monster spinach salad with cranberries and 3 servings of So Delicious soy ice cream. I don't think Furbs understood why I kept talking about food or why I was so excited to go get my meal on. Now it's time to sleep.


Brian said...

When I mentioned binging to you on the ride your eyes glowed with recognition...damn buddy!

Chowing down on eighty mile rides and five thousand calories in the same day is a bunch of fun. You know what it's all about.

Ted M. said...

Yes! 5000 Kcal days are the icing on the cake that is cycling!