Sunday, October 25, 2009

Whoa, CX is harder than I remembered!

Well first CX race of the season is in the books and I'm pleased with the way I raced. I didn't have a clean race by any means and had to dig deep to generate some power that I clearly don't have after my little base training month of September, followed by a week of very little riding before the burning and then a week of no riding and the flu the week after. Last week I did a couple decent workouts and realized it's going to be a few weeks before any snap comes back, but I can wait.

I had a good jump at the start as I wanted to be in the front three so I could ride the run-up but dropped my chain and dropped 10 spots. My plan was to get out in front through the run up and then drop back and see if I could sit in the front group and it feel apart right quick. From there I started to burn a couple matches to move up and was surprised that I was able to pretty easily until the aforementioned matches started to burn out.

I settled into a the third chase group which ended up being myself, Dan Miller and Jeff Yielding. Surprisingly, the gap to the 2cd group wasn't getting bigger and we started to put some serious time into the group behind us. The climbing was really taking it's toll on me but I was recovering ok and motivated to get a good workout out of the race.

I made some mistakes and ended up getting gaped off those two but was pleased that I was able to jump back on. With two to go I got hung up on the run-ride up and got gaped off by about 10 seconds. I thought I was going to ride it in alone but I pushed myself to catch them and commit ed to attacking before the decent as I was able to ride it pretty well and was going into the barriers with more speed than them and coming out faster. Dan and I gaped Jeff and then I attacked Dan just before the last pitch of the climb as he urged me to go get 5th place.

I came through the barriers and had just about closed the gap on the final money spot when he started to kick a little bit. He surprised me and the gap opened to quick for me to close, so I came across the line seeing spots in 6th.

Unfortunately the reality is that 6th is more like 10th as the heavy hitters are out of town but I think I should be able to bounce back after another couple weeks of hard training followed up by the Asheville MTB stage race (aka the Mesa shop trip). Looks like I might have some fitness for the last 4 races. Not exactly what I had planned but sometimes real life gets in the way of bicycle racing.

I need some race wheels. I sound spoiled but racing CX on clinchers is a joke.


Casey Ryback said...

joke's on me then! you were about a mile deep into the Pain tunnel even after the race walking back to yer car - shit dawg. glad to see you out there bro-ham!

Brian said...

Road and mountain skills don't directly translate to cross racing. If you haven't specifically trained for cross racing, you can't expect to succeed at the sport until you've developed muscle memory. It's going to take you a few races.

Butthead (as an example) is a freak of nature. He was born to dominate cross. It's in his genes. The cross season is extremely short and brutal by it's nature and he is always ready to deliver. Don't let it bring you down. Develop a systematic plan to beat the ever-loving shit out of that guy and those like him by the time the state championships roll around.

Bike racing isn't like love and flirting with girls. When you want to pick up a hotty, you come on strong, guns blazing, with everything you've got. The chick you put a bullseye on never notices poindexter while you make your overture. Basically, it's a bunch of overwhelming neediness. Nerds are too shy to say anything while they sit around getting their hearts broken.

In bike racing you sit back on the sidelines and assess your competitors weaknesses while you slowly, but surely hone your own skills. Much like a nerd who loses the girl. Patience is a virtue (believe it or not). Eventually, through attrition and discipline, you will defeat those who oppose you. It's totally different than anything that comes natural to you in the real world.

I will not apologize for writing five paragraphs in your comments section.

Martin Lang said...

maybe you could just lose some weight and then rock 28psi in your clinchers like me. but i still have two sets of tubulars so suck it.

Davey B said...

martin, i felt fat trying to squeeze into my skinny suit on sunday and you're making matters worth. i think i'm going to make myself throw up now.

furbs, thanks for the advice, i guess

Dan said...

Dude, we should start a club: we'll call it clincers-chasing-you-down.

Fucking awesome racing with you last week. Can't wait for more!