Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lost Valley Luau- minus the roast pig

After taking a little flak from my elders, T.A and Rico, I'm trying not to complain so much or make up as many excuses. I'll do my best.

I've spent the last two races in a deep funk of suffering and resisting the urge to quit. Atypical for me. I haven't felt very competitive and surely didn't have the legs to be. I'm not implying that on a good day I would have won either of these races, Schottler is on fire, but I really felt like I wasn't able to stay in the mix at the front, where I have grown accustomed to be. I don't take that for granted, I work my ass off, make sacrifices (because I enjoy doing well) and plan out my season so I can go head to head with the fast dudes that always seem to be fast. I'm not as naturally gifted as a lot of the top guys I race with, so every bit of preparation helps.

Truthfully, I started planning for June racing in January and aside from not getting in quite as much base as I normally do, had what was my best block of training ever in April and early May. The timing was perfect as I generally am feeling best 6 weeks after some good training. But then things went horrible wrong. I spent 3 crucial weeks feeling sickness coming on, getting really sick and then getting my legs back under me. It took another week after that just to feel normal again. I stuck with the "less is more" plan and started to feel really good the couple weeks before the race. I skipped the Brown County race because I wasn't feeling great and didn't want the added stress of a travel weekend or the headiness if I got totally smoked. I wasn't doing any of the hard hill workouts or long hard efforts I normally do either, so I had no idea where I was at, but I felt good and was really excited to race.

Both races I found myself feeling great off the starts, which were almost easy, and then running out of gas about an hour in. I really wasn't enjoying it all that much and fighting off the urge to quit because of something Case said to me at one of the first races she saw me race. Not my usual self.

On the other hand I must admit that I find our local racing scene is becoming really fast and fun racing. So many guys really have seemed to reach or be within reach of higher levels of racing that make the racing way more fun. I know what mistakes I made this year and am already thinking about 2011, as I know my focus is about to shift to some fishing back east and then laying down some fat base for CX.

End complaining and excuses. Sorry Tom and Rico.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

2010 Missouri State Championships at Castlewood

Really happy with the way I felt on the bike. Legs were nice and light and I felt like I raced reasonably smart. Had a couple mechanicals that got me dropped from the chase group who happened to be 4 guys in my class. My third lap was pretty tough and I started to feel some really bad effects from the heat when I crested Grotpeter and was committed to pulling the plug but I small ringed Roller Coaster, drank some water and was able to pull it back together. Felt pretty strong on my fourth lap.

I'm happy with the way I felt, especially considering the field and that everyone was riding their A game. Congrats to Schottler on schooling us all and John Rhines for a really well ridden race!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

came too soon

Funny how smarty pants Training Peaks can't tell the difference between tapering or not riding bike for two weeks due to sickness. If I have a good day on Saturday I'm going back to training without power, if not, I'll buy stock in TP.