Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pirtle says he's going to beat me by 8 minutes...

...the last couple weeks make me think it's not going to be that much. My desire and motivation to train have been great! I took a couple days off and am looking ahead to the WORS race on May 18th... There will be some other great races in between but I'm going to train right through them so I'm not expecting too much... unless they are mudfests and the strong men show up on single speeds.

I've been having some real racing with the crew lately. We all seem to be thriving off each others energy. This weekend is we are headed to a great race down at LBL on the canal loop. It's another long real NORBA format race... I'm guessing that I'll be feeling pretty good since this is my first week back into some real training after tapering for a couple weeks before Tsali...

Zach- this shit cracks me up... the funny thing is I keep telling Jen I need something bigger :)

"Davey rode a hot second lap to pick off 2nd place in the expert class and beat up on some semi-pro riders as well. He also managed to set the new standard for Missouri Euro-Pro-ness by rocking a 2lb. gold necklace during the race. Nice. If we were the Mesa "A-team".....then he's Mr. T."

It's actually a religious pendant my dad gave me. On the back it says "I'm Catholic, get me a priest." Kinda freaks me out when I put it on before a race, but I'm a little superstitious and I think it's lucky.

"Keep On With The Force Don't Stop. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough ."

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