Tuesday, May 25, 2010

not exactly as planned.

Close to three weeks of fatigue, aches, insomnia, nausea, and very little bicycle practice culminated this week in a raging assault on my intestinal tract. It wasn't pretty. Neither is the fact that the timing couldn't be worse in regards to my season long plan for being as fast as possible in June. I like targeting races that have some value to me and sticking to the plan, but when you put all your eggs in one basket and are going full tilt all the time the risk factor for a sidewalk scramble is high. My problem is even when I am resting and recovering I'm still going full tilt. I need to work on that. What are you going to do?

I guess I could toughen up, scramble and look down field. My dad is a BC alum and I remember watching this game from my grandparents house and seeing him going nuts. If you don't know the story, you should watch it. This ones for you, dad.