Thursday, March 5, 2009

More off road riding

Council Bluff wasn't nearly as good yesterday, neither were the legs, or the Mexican food afterwards.

The "thaw" turned the section from the footbridge to the first double track climb into a mixture of soft ground with a couple muddy spots. I rode two laps, including some recon up into the campground and down the final climb for the Burnin,' which I have never gone down before and the a little out and back to get my ride up to 3 hrs. The legs just weren't feeling great and I'm due for a little rest period after 3 weeks averaging 15 hours a week.

I was trying to be polite and "go with the flow" so we went with the Jenkem huffing crew to Dos Primos which was not as bad as I remembered, but not even in the same game as Los Portales. They do serve a cheese dip that they add the leftovers from a good batch of Jenkem to, so I can see why some people like it so much. Mainly, people that like the taste of shit.

Aside from that I can say that the pup is coming way out of her shell and becoming really assertive, friendly and pretty damn funny. Last Saturday when Casey brought her into the shop she sat in the corner and shyed away from anyone that approached her. Today she was large and in charge, running around off the leash, going up to everyone and playing with Johns dog, Trixie. It was pretty awesome.

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