Monday, March 16, 2009

Getting faster? I think.

More riding and good training in the past couple weeks. Had a great dirt bike ride at Lost Valley on Sunday and even after a hard workout on Friday the legs were going good.

I started out by riding from LV down to Matson and doing a loop there. GORC has done an amazing job at keeping that place dialed. The ground was a little soft down in the valley, not muddy just soft, so I headed back down the Katy to meet up with Zach. We rode a lap before we met up with Ace and Gary Pirtle who were riding free ride bikes. After a little World Cup riding with those jokers there 1.5 hour limit was up and Zach and I headed out to do another loop.

At the end of the next lap my ride time was at 3:30 and I wanted to see if I had anything left in the tank. We hadn't been riding easy for the first three and a half hours so I sucked down some gel and set out at close to race pace. I had been feeling really fast on the new steed and a 30:28 counter clockwise lap reaffirmed that. It might be my fastest non-race lap there ever. My avg heart rate was right at 174 and I averaged 14.9 mph! I was surprised to say the least. I'll keep doing what I'm doing though, I don't want to be fast for another couple months.

I was feeling pretty happy about myself so I went out with Casey and the James gang to do some bowling and get our drink on. Since we are only drinking weekends now and going cold turkey during the week we make it count. I wasn't real happy to find out that Irish car bombs only came with half a glass of Guinness but it did the trick.

I have also completely given up caffeine at this point. I'm on the high road. Decaf with no sugar sucks so bad it's easy to quit once you get over the headache stage.

Good story. Happy Irish day.


Butthead said...

Don't be stupid. Go back to CAFFEINE!

ScottyD said...

Listen to Butthead, & don't give up beer either! mmmm Guiness