Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009 Support and Sponsorship

Just heard, white is faster!

Things are good. The form is coming together better than it has at this time of the year in the past, my weight is 5 lbs less than it normally is this time of year and my disposition as of late has spurred some unreal motivation. I'm still working on the master plan. I'm taking my time this year and plan on having a much more streamlined mountain bike calendar with much less travel. I've got my eye on the one day State Championship in June at Rhetts Run and see if I can carry it through to the DINO AMBC race in early July. I won the sport class race at Rhetts my first year of racing, a marathon race there in 2007 and the expert race there last season, so I guess the course suits me. We will see. More on that shebang later.

I managed to get some serious help from my friend Justin Neely at Specialized for this season; I might not have had a mountain bike at all if it weren't for him! Not to mention a 19 lb S-Works hardtail! Damn! I'm really excited about this bike. It will fit me much better than the Alma carbon hardtail I built up last fall and with the better fit will be much more seatpost showing and a way more compliant ride. It just looks fast. Hopefully I don't let it down.

Maxxis sent me a reply to my sponorship request yesterday as well and I'm really stoked to have some support from them. I go through tires like water bottles on the last lap of a crit and don't think there are better performing tires then the Crossmark eXCeptions or the Medusas for riding in the mud. Hopefully I get a nice flat brimmed cap and some sweet Geoff Kabush type of add with the Element in Mountain Bike Action!!!

As always, I'll be rocking the Mesa kit. Maybe not so much sponsorship as it is job security :)

Here we go!


Chev said...

Good on ya Davey B! That ride is bad ass. Such a pro.
See ya soon, Chev.

Casey Ryback said...

MAn, that frame looks like their road frame! Not necessarily a bad thing...


Davey B said...

thanks... i'm pretty excited about it.

Scott said...

Looking forward to watching you ride away from me next year. Congrats on the hookup!!

I got a new bike too, but its not 19 pounds.

Zak said...

why did you go for the hardtail and not the epic XC like Sauser rides? what did you ride before? an orbea? but it still just drips pure XC speed

so how does sponsorship work, you just call up companies and ask them to sponsor you to take the cost off of parts and you race to win money?

Boz said...

I think what Zak-a-roo was trying to say is "Damn, that thing's hot!"

Dave said...

yeah zach, just call them up!

most companies are just waiting by the phone dying to give shit away!

Martin Lang said...

score me some maxxis schwag and i'll update my blog.