Saturday, December 20, 2008

Man, I really admire this guy.

Here's a little tasteful smack talking Sven did on his blog. This guy loves to race his bike and I admire his sportsmanship, as does the rest of Belgium.

"I have read on ceefax today: "Let those Belgians plough through all the mud." Lars Boom's words, and also: "I want to be world champion". Well, dear Lars, I want so too.

In Hoogerheide, he is the main race favourite to succeed himself as world champion. He will also be the least tired racer of all. I can respect his way of racing. Everybody has to make up for their own what they favour most and it is indeed easier to take the title like that. BUT I WILL NOT GIVE IN, NOT YET. If he wants that title, he will have to fight for it until the last meter, also because I feel so well in a position of the underdog.

Should I not win the world title, it is perfectly understandable, everybody will agree to that. However, should I win the worlds, every cyclocross lover should feel comfortable about it, I will be battling it out everywhere for the entire year, from the first to the last race, ploughing through all the mud, as he puts it. Simply because I like doing so. Cyclocross is my life, whether I'm racing in Neerpelt or in Hoogerheide.

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