Friday, June 6, 2008

Bringing it all together now...

Who knows where the fitness is really at? Who cares? After a full week of rest after the WORS race followed by a MEGA week of training before Rhetts and another one this week, I can definitely say that the one thing I hate about training is doing high intensity intervals on the road bike.

On Memorial day it was 4 sets of 40 seconds on, 20 off (3 reps) with 5 minutes rest in between followed by a 20 minute LT time trial... I had to pull the plug after the 3rd one and get off my bike because I was so dizzy and ready to puke. It being my first day training in 90+ degree heat in the middle of the day didn't help either... I finished the 4th set and TT just fine but hated it... I had planned on doing some repeats on the hill up to the campground at Council but we got rained out. Last night was 4 reps of 1:15 seated big gear repeats up a 5% hill with a sprint from :45 on... Per EP's advice, to combat my problems with starts I am doing these on pretty cold legs and it's demanding... Why can't the trails be dry do I can do this stuff and enjoy it a little?

I've worn my HR monitor for a few races this season and realize that I am a master at pacing... I can ride up to my AT, without going over it, for almost the whole race. Last Sunday my avg for 1:53 was 176 bpm which must mean my LT is going up or maybe it was just the heat... I felt pretty much in control the whole race and was never in the red for long enough to leave a mark. Usually I avg 172-174 when fit. I would guess a lot of people can get the kind of intensity they need doing the Tuesday Night Worlds and racing on the weekends, but I can't seem to turn the rev governor off so It's time to put the time in. Sometimes I think the governor is s a limiter for me, like when Chris pushed it over the top of Lone Wolf and I backed off instead of slaying myself to stay on his wheel. Did I think I was going to catch him later? No, I was being a pussy. Hopefully this helps. I hate it.

I'm recovering pretty fast so hopefully I still have some legs at Landahl... I'd like to see how I compare to some of the blazing fast dudes from KC. Then it's another BIG week and it's time to start being super selective as I come down the home stretch...

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