Wednesday, June 4, 2008

2008 Orbea OIZ Carbon

I hope some of you sport riders upgrade to expert soon... I need the money to pay for this sweet rig.

Seriously though. Thanks to EP and Chad at Orbea for making it happen. This thing is the heat. I passed about 15 people in Forest Park last night on a recovery ride! It's all about the bike.

I'm going to go finish getting it dialed in but right now it sits at 24 lbs 4 oz with those XT wheels and UST tires. With my Stans ZTR Race Wheels and Maxxis Crossmark Exception tires it sits at 22 lbs 5 oz. Yes, that includes cages, pedals and all the other junk... It is stiff and the suspension is to my liking; there when you need it.

Drool on.


Joe said...


Zak said...

very nice, very race day efficent, should be giving ploch a run for his money

Boz said...

hay una machina caliente! (that's one hot machine) I figure since it's spanish, spanish was in order. Nice ride. nice report on rhett's too.