Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ready for more?

Not quite sure about the legs. I experienced a slight hiccup in my training that made me a little nervous so I've been taking a few extra days with the legs up. After getting some solid training in I took last Thurs, Fri and Sat really easy. My resting HR was 40, as low as I have ever seen it, on Sat and Sun and the legs were feeling ok so I went out on Sunday and opened them up a little with a 2 hour tempo ride... I felt great on the ride and was really flying. I usually take in about 250 calories per hour on a ride like that, but for some reason I only ate 200 calories on the ride? Monday was terrible and the legs felt hot and sore... I figured that maybe they were so rested the effort shocked them a little? Usually I don't even feel any soreness from an effort like that and my HR doesn't rise until two or three days after a couple harder rides?

I had planned on going out to check out the new fork on the MTB Tues morning but the legs still didn't feel great and my RHR was around 45 so I took the day off. I am a little worried about how the Lone Wolf climb is going to feel on flat legs but am airing on the side of caution and looking ahead towards the WORS race on the 18th... even though I really want to see how my fitness is compared to where I was at at Lost Valley against the rock star local crew. I can't have my cake and eat it too unfortunately... Who knows? Maybe it's just in my head... I didn't feel that great before that race at CB of Tsali either.

On another note, congratulations to my teammate Matt Keeven for a big win down at Syllamo's revenge in terrible conditions. After giving Matt quite a bit of the business about winning a big race outright on a SS, he brought the heat and did it... I take back what I said about quitting racing if you beat me in an expert race on a SS. I like racing. Nice job man!

***p.s.- this one was for your Sment- sorry it was so boring, nothing else to talk about except for kitties.

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Living a Lie said...

I wouldnt worry about he Lone wolf too much. That will be painful for everyone. Just dont get your hand caught in the door of the pain box when it slams shut.