Wednesday, February 27, 2008

White Kits- Black Bikes

A little 3 hour spin on the MRT today. Got the Tarmac closer to home; the rollers don't feel anything like the road and I had to mess around with the fore/aft, seat height and cleats quite a bit... I also have had it with the Toupe. I wanted my ass and that seat to be friends but the love affair just isn't meant to be. It tears me up, literally. I'm going to stick with the 7 Tour de France winning uni-baller special saddle, even if it is 60 grams heavier...

The music wasn't so good today. That's probably just because of the two days of really boring quietness and thinking too much about each pedal stroke and what kind of adjustments I needed to make... I went to TJ's to stock up on some wine today, and that gave me something to look forward too... A tasty Italian Negroamara and a really weird but very good Californian Zinfandel Port with some dark chocolate... Cheeers

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