Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Stay Healthy

I just made my second cup of Northwest Fair Trade Organic Sumatra here at the Villa on the hilla; were about 560 feet above sea level, 50 feet above the mighty Miss and live in a row house so I'm embellishing a little. I haven't had two cups of coffee at home in I don't know how long. The <10 degree temps today have ruined my plans for a 5 hour ride. I got a 1 hr recovery ride in on Monday night and another 3 in yesterday and it was cold, but trying to ride for that long in this today would just be counter productive.

I'm trying to stack up some big hours this week before I take a rest week and then start some real racing. I'm planning on going into St Joe really flat after a rest week and then slowly start on the BUILD phase and try to get some snap by racing every weekend but one for 5 weeks. Last season I showed up to Lost Valley in March and Chris and D-Wayne waxed me by 15 minutes. In retrospect I'm surprised I did so well. I wasn't really planning on having any form until a 6 hour race in WI in June.

This year is a little different. I'm going to race the MO Norba series races as an expert and the MWFTS races in the marathon class to keep a solid base. I want to try to train through most of the races and see how I can really do at the AMBC race at Tsali in April and then make a little vacation out of NORBA Nationals in VT in July so the fandamily can see me race. Might not be the best venue to have your family come watch, but I'm a dreamer and they are supportive.

The plan as of now is to take a break after Nats and then segue back into some base training in August before starting to ramp it up again for CX which is really exiting to me. The thought of 10 laps at the Burnin' was really a big goal of mine and am a little bummed not to pursue it, but I can't have my cake and eat it too so it will have to wait. I'm sure D-Wayne is going to make it happen! Unfortunately, once that record is set it will be a race of time from then on... 11 laps is not going to happen unless Eatough shows up, then it's still only a maybe.

Well, the coffees done and my new mountain bike has been severely neglected. I haven't quite made it "home" yet and sure haven't figured out the suspension or tire pressures... off to see how much warmer I can stay in the woods.

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