Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sweet Rides for 2010!

Thanks to continued support and mega hook ups from Specialized, Sram, Zipp, and PowerTap, I'm backing up my King of Bling title in 2010 with some radical rides.

My sweet sponsorship hookup from John Quinn at Specialized this year will be the ultra light S-Works Epic. 26" wheels might not be as good for guys with short man syndrome, but they're good for winning World Championships! With my race wheels and the new Sram XX I'm thinking that a 21 pound bike, 4" travel, complete bike is realistic. Can't explain how stoked I am to have the chance to ride this world class rig which would be financially unattainable without Johns help. Thanks amigo!

I'm seriously contemplating doing a couple spring road races this year so I built up a sweet Tarmac Pro. As always, I couldn't have done that without repeated phone calls to Justin Neely and Matt Weber, who have always been patient with me and given me yesterdays special. I've been thinking more and more about taking my training to the next level so I am going back to training with a PowerTap. I got a very sweet hook up from John Lewis and Ron LeMiuex at Saris/PowerTap. John is one of my best buds from way back in my International Bicycle Center days in Boston and Ron gave it the final approval. I opted to build this puppy up with 2010 Sram Force so that I can potentially afford to have two CX bikes this year. Doug Plumer with Sram and Zipp hooked me up with some killer pricing on the Sram groups and AMAZING pricing on my Zipp 303's and Zipp Team Issue wheels. Again, these are the components that everyone wants that I wouldn't have been able to afford/justify buying without his help.

Thanks to all my sponsors and anyone who spits beer in my face during CX season. The sponsors make it happen and the beer makes motivates me. Here's to 2010! Time to put down the bottle ;)


Dan said...

Holy shit Dave! I'm super stoked for you man and am glad that the king of bling in the area is also a down-to-earth, phish-listening all-around solid dude

Martin Lang said...

man, i thought this post was going to be about our super sweet training rides that we were talking about with fletcher....lets get those started,

Davey B said...

i don't have a bike to ride yet. as soon as it's together, i'll be ready.

are you a cat II?

Martin Lang said...

yes sir I am. Cross and road. Alright, lemme know when that thing gets in. We need to compile an email list.

Shadd S said...

Dave, I understand you might be training with a power meter this year. Let me know if you want me to hook you up with my coach. He's dialed and I totally recommend him. Email me at Later man.