Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Record Setter?

There has been a lot of talk about the Burnin this year. I haven't been down there but course reports say it's a little dry and loose and could use some rain to make it really fast. Looks like we're going to get it.

In 2007 my goal of the season was to do 10 laps at the Burnin. While my dreams were crushed by a flurry of problems on the first lap that with me sitting on peak endurance racing form, drinking beer after my 6 mile hike on the first lap.

This year there are some heavy hitters showing up with good form and that 10 lap carrot has to be on all their minds, it's on mine. Zach is ready and has gotten dramatically stronger since last season, Deee-Wayne isn't going to do a 24 hr race the night before and then drive 10 hours straight to get there for the nine o-clock start. How he crams 48 hours into one day you ask? Caffeine. And then there's the talk of Jeff Winkler . I don't know Jeff personally but Fletcher was saying he was an ex roadie pro who has clearly found some sick form allowing him to be super fast on whatever bike he gets on.

So as I compile my 6 hr Phish master mix for my race I'm getting that itch again. All the talk about nutrition, long rides and 10 laps has got me a little excited. I'm going to be riding a S-Works Epic in 2010 which is the perfect machine to attempt to achieve the one cycling related goal that is the thorn in my side and go after the 10 laps, if one of the other three rock stars don't do it this year.

I rode my bike a little more this September than I did last year, even did a couple rides close to 5 hrs on the road and mtb, so I'm hoping to have a little more fun in the 6 hour race and hopefully not suffer in the same way I did last year. We'll see.

Here we go, yo.


Scott said...

...and why are you not doing BTEPIC?? You could win some big bucks there, Dave. Think about it.....

I am Dwayne Goscinski said...

Dave the BTEPIC is the race of the year for competition. The course has everything! You would do awesome!!

TeamSeagal said...

awe shit... burnin!

Ben B. said...

A 2010 Epic is awesome. I blew the seals out on my Hardrock after the first lap. Demoed an 2010 Epic S-Works
:45 minutes faster.