Wednesday, June 24, 2009


May was the one of the most productive blocks of training I have ever had. The legs I had at Rhett's run were unreal, especially considering that I had taken a full week of rest and barely been riding. Things started to unfold a little bit and now the legs are not so hot and I'm taking some chances with my big workouts and kicking my own ass for botching two weeks of traing because my parents were in town one week and Phish the next.

The heat and effort on Sunday really took it's toll on me and I was feeling like shit out at Lost Valley today. I aborted my LT workout and was about to call it a day. Then I ran into Jen who had just ridden with EP and was telling me how happy he was at his win last weekend. I'm happy for him too but it motivated me to go a little deeper. Needless to say, I pushed my sorry ass up the hill a couple more times, and pushed through a little pain I usually don't feel while doing intervals. Like I said, I'm going to take some chances.

My goal for the D.IN.O AMBC race isn't to win, just to beat my time from last year. I know I'm faster, I'm just not sure if I can stop the downward spiral in time, get in a few quality workouts and get rested up in time. My legs haven't felt great since the Rhetts race due to too much drinking, not enough sleeping and botched workouts so now I have to overthink everything and teter on the edge of overdoing it and tuning up as much as I can in as little time as possible.

One more big workout on Saturday and then I'm really going to lay off the jets and hope I can show up nice and rested. Hope so.


ScottyD said...

"too much drinking, not enough sleeping and botched workouts" That's the story of my entire adult hood racing. You'll do fine.

TeamSeagal said...

Get some more orange or pink apparel. Then you'll be faster. I'm talkin' pro-faster.

XTRDr. G or MC Stankles said...

sounds like you are looking behind you the season is still young and Then there is Cross. We all know what you can do out there.

Bob said...

good luck this weekend! You are much faster this year and now just need to catch that blond pretty boy while he is off brushing his teeth!

Davey B said...

thanks bob