Monday, May 18, 2009

Back on Track

It's weird to not be racing a couple times a month. The whole Castlewood Race fiasco pissed me off quite a bit for a variety of reasons, none that I blame my friend Bob Arnold for, but it's water under the bridge at this point.

After a sporadic 5 weeks of training in April and early May I set myself up with a 8 week training plan leading up to the DINO AMBC race in July and hopefully some good legs a little before and after that. I'm not used to training to race so hopefully I can get fit enough without racing much and spark things with a couple races in June? We'll see. All I know is that when I have a plan I am far more motivated and recovery comes much faster. I'm actually enjoying not having to be concerned with letting up a little on the training to race, or taking the added recovery time to deal with the stesses of racing.

If all goes well hopefully we'll get some good miles in next weekend down at Council for the James/Breslin gang annual Memorial Day blowout. Casey and I have been dialing in our game of flippy cups so we should be ready to dominate. If the trails are as bad as they sound, hopefully the final climb up into the campgound is open so I can torture myself with some hungover hill repeats. Sounds like we might bring road bikes though.

My blog is boring when I am not racing. I have some sweet pics of Maybel and bath time, but I'll save some face and show you the PBR sponsored Rottie...


Matt said...

Get on the boat man, beer pong is where it's at.

Casey Ryback said...

that is the happiest dog i've ever seen. probably the jacket.