Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Boringness- General Training.

Truthfully, I like base training. I like riding as much as I can, recovering and doing it again the next day. I like eating 5000 calories a day and not sweating it. I like listening to almost two whole Phish shows on a ride. I like the fatigue that my legs feel, but I like the thought of letting them rest a little, adding a little intensity, getting that snap back and racing even more. The one thing I that I haven't been liking too much lately is the bitter cold and wind. I pretty much put a completely flat 2000 miles of non-stop pedaling in over in IL before I start doing some hills and getting on the mountain bike again. Lately it's been 4 hour out and backs and the wind has been so bad I'll cruise at 26 mph most of the way up and struggle to churn it over at 15 mph on the way back. It hurts my knees, calves and lower back, but I push on, thinking it will make me stronger.

Tomorrow I'm going to dip my feet into phase 2 and have some fun, open up the legs a little and ride my new mtb for the first time off road. A little Rim Wrecker recon in 60 degree weather should do the trick. I'm shooting for 3 laps at close to 4 hours, but have a feeling Mexican and margaritas will win over after 2. A little Council Bluff man trip with Albert, Drewballs and Trey Grothoff will be the kick off to my mid week mini vacation. Thursday Casey and I are going to see Ryan Adams in Columbia and party it up a little bit. She scored a sweet free night at the Marriott in Columbia which beats the hell out of the whorehouse we stayed in for the 2006 Missouri State Championship Road Race. Might be a little tougher to score some crack rock at the Marriott though.

I guess it's about time to start riding some hills, too.


TeamSeagal said...

Dos Primos is the shit!!! Enjoy the CB, tell Coach he is a bastard for leaving me stuck at work.


JOGA said...

DB--What up brotha--Its Joe O from the ol' TC...

You are a pretty damn good writer.. i mean rider... heck u do both well!

Cool to see you up in here. enjoy the FOX.. Im jealous.. No west coast shows is BS.

If u wanna visit so-cal for some riding.. hit me up.. im in the malibu hills... and dirt is endless.. roads great too. Have extra bedroom and live in the woods.. 100's of miles of singletrack out the front door.


Brian said...

This blog is a total crock of shit.