Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It was damn windy today.

Had some time to think when churning it over on the RFT. Rode some of the gravel roads up on Chateau Island, up to the Colombia Bottoms Conservation area and around some of the farming roads up there. Good stuff. The wind was brutal though.

I realized that almost half of CX season has already passed and it's bumming me out now that I have lost so much ground. Next season I'm not going to start flat footed and plan on ending the mountain bike season a bit earlier. I knew what I should have been doing this year but convinced myself to half ass it so I could have my cake and eat it too. I can't. Some people might be able to do 20 two hour mountain bike races and go right into CX season, but I can't.

One of my goals for this season was to see how competitive I could be in the points if I was consistent and did all the races. I changed my goals up a bit today. A DNF, missing a weekend due to the flu and the potential of another DNF again this weekend pretty much ruined any chance of accomplishing that goal so I set another one today. Basically, I just to see how well I can get dialed in for the little big show; the State Championships. I know it would take a miracle to win, but I want to see how far up there I can get. We'll see. I like having something to work towards and the timing is right to heat that steel up, pound it into shape, sharpen it up, polish it and bring the blade down on some fools heads.

I didn't feel bad on the bike today. My HR still won't go up at all, but I'm surprised I was able to push like I did for 3.5 hours. I was really excited to start doing some hard training this week, but it's going to have to be put off a bit longer. Start turning some screws. The first couple workouts are never fun but once I start doing them I start feeling fast, which is good. Watching Rocky this week is making me want to train hard and get fast again. While I and II are the most motivational, Rocky IV is on tomorrow night and has some great training scenes in it. We watched most of III tonight, which has some pretty funny parts, but doesn't exactly help you "acquire the fire" as my buddy Dan G would say...

Maybe a Chariots of Fire movie night is in order?

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