Wednesday, July 16, 2008

not awesome

thanks to everyone who has called me to wish me well, i really appreciate it. i am sitting here at my folks house outiside of beantown and feeling about 80%. the big problem is i don't have any appetite whatsoever and i'm struggling to eat, never mind think about carbo loading.

for those of you that don't know, which is most of you, i picked up some kind of food poisoning on sat night at sage. jen, the two folks we went out to eat with and a bunch of other folks called the restaurant to say they had the same thing going on. i woke up monday morning and puked for awhile and then spent the rest of the day with bowel problems. yesterday i was feeling better, but could barely eat, and we're talking mama b's home cooking here. it sucks.

i did a little trail riding yesterday and then again today on the horse trails around my folks house. the trails are a lot shorter than they were when my brother and i were flossing them on bmx bikes back in the day. i found some cool 4 wheeler trails that were pretty rough, but mt snow isn't going to be paved either. i felt ok, but even after trying to do some intensity this morning my heartrate wouldn't go up so i left it in the tank airing on the side being over rested.

i am heading up to Mt Snow with Jen tomorrow and am concentrating on good thoughts and just going on with things as normal. i'm stoked to be able to get some laps in tomorrow and then again of friday and it makes me worry less about not feeling great on the bike today. ironically, this incident is taking my mind of pre-race anxiety, so i've got that going for me.

i've been doing everything i can in preparation for this race since December, and i have to say it sucks to have something like this come up, but like Phil Collins I'm going against all odds. we'll not really related in any way, but it's a kickass song.


ScottyD said...

Don't worry about it too much Dave. The body is an amazing machine. It can to really cool things when its stressed. I bet "80%" will surprise you. Mind over stomach. Just stay hydrated & don't fret the lack of food. My 2 year old lives on the bottle, I can't get her to eat to save her life & she is a ball of energy. Good Luck!!

TK said...

listen to scottyd, that's some wisdom talking there. give it all you've got and good things will happen.

good luck, focus, have fun.

Robert T. Metz said...

Let it all hang out Dave you are a monster this year on the bike. Mind over matter. you want this so take it. You are still going to beat me at Cape in Aug. Now go kick some A$$!